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*White Gardenia*

This is our most popular traditional floral product line.There is nothing more lovely in your home than a fresh cut bouquet of sweet, fragrant gardenias. We have captured that endearing scent for everyone to enjoy!Our beautifully etched Hand Molded Shea Butter Soaps are also perfect for scenting closets and drawers. A beautiful addition to any powder room!

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*Orange Blossom*

This is a lovely, gentle fragrance we like to wear everyday. It is totally appropriate for the office, classroom and young ladies who want a fresh, soft scent. A true Orange Blossom that will linger through the day but is never overpowering. Our charming Hand Molded Shea/Mango Butter Soaps are covered with Orange Blossoms and a friendly little Bee!

*La​vender Fields*​

Our Lavender Fields brings back memories of my Grandmother Sula's drawer sachets. A crisp, true yet delicate lavender scent. We use the Shea Butter Hand Molded Soaps to scent our dresser drawers and closets as well as in the bath. A welcome, relaxing fragrance for your entire home. You will love our Lotion, Bath/Linen Mist and Body Butter too!


*Pear Blossom*​

Pear Blossom is an unexpected treat. This amazing fresh pear scent is flavorful and sweet. We think this unique fragrance will quickly become one of your favorites. Our Pear Blossom has been a continuous best seller since we created it in 2013 The Body Butter, Lotion and Bath/Linen Mist "pair" perfectly with the Aloe Vera Gel Hand Molded Bath Bar!


*Mini Lotion Sampler*

These pretty little lotion sets are just perfect for teachers gift, wedding or baby shower, hostess thanks and stocking gifts. Each set contains (4) 2 oz bottles of our delicately scented lotions. Pear Blossom, Lavender Fields, Orange Blossom and White Gardenia. All in a crystal  organza bag with gift tag attached. It is The Perfect Gift!